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Druid Stone 'Druid Stone' Vinyl LP (12")

  • Druid Stone 'Druid Stone' Vinyl LP (12")
  • Druid Stone 'Druid Stone' Vinyl LP (12")

You asked for it and have been waiting patiently: the first self titled album from Druid Stone has finally arrived on vinyl! Originally digitally released on 4/20/2022, the album kicked and screamed for a while, made it to cassette from our friends at Doomshire, and was then promptly scrubbed from the internet pending this physical release. Well it's about freakin' time! This is raw-as-fuck psychedelic doom at its best and it's shipping now!

Includes Druid Stone/label goodies, while supplies last.

*WE COMBINE SHIPPING!* Setting up shipping profiles for multiple media formats has become convoluted. Please place your order and I will attempt to get everything into one package and refund you the difference in shipping cost. Or alternatively DM me on Instagram or use the contact form to work it out on the front end.