Conductor 'Conductor' Vinyl LP (12")

  • Conductor 'Conductor' Vinyl LP (12")
  • Conductor 'Conductor' Vinyl LP (12")

This boogie rocking, blues walking, hash smoking, bottle toking monster of a debut record has finally arrived. From your favorite Nova Scotia-based five piece purveyors of heaviness, it's: CONDUCTOR!

Our boys made sure to jam this 8 song album full of spicy riffs that refuse to let you breathe for even a moment. You'll be banging your head along within the first thirteen seconds of opening track, 'Spiral' - Saturn Eye guarantees it. And from there it's all dirty, heavy psychedelic rock and roll that doesn't stop until the needle hits the label, baby.

Per the band, their influences are obvious: Sabbath, Sir Lord Baltimore, Rainbow, Dio, Sabbath with Dio, belt buckles... oh it's ALL freakin' there. But from this point on, it's a Conductor world and we're all just getting blasted in it. Go ahead and grab you a fresh slab of wax from our shop, heat up those hot knives (or maybe get the bottle tokes going), and let this thing hit your noggin like a 'Ten Ton Brick'! HA!

This is the currently the ONLY spot to grab a copy online. Interested in wholesale? Shoot me a message.

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